Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Got In The Way........

I got a new job, my husband got a new job, I traveled for work, he traveled for work.  My Etsy shop was up and running.  I just got comfortable and blogging took a back seat.  I crafted for my shop and that seemed to be enough.


A disagreement with Etsy resulted in them just closing down my shop without warning.  100% positive feedback, all fees paid, no complaints that I was aware of.  To this day they have yet to respond to any of the emails that I sent them. I was crushed.  They wouldn't even give me my outstanding order information to fill them.  So I got mad and than sad.  It really made me realize how much the crafting and the networking meant to me.

After doing some research I finally found a home on Zibbet.  It seems a lot of shops are making their way over there from Etsy. I love that their fee is a flat rate each month regardless of listing and sales. The community is awesome!  Everybody really tries to help promote others.  Still working through the slow process of getting all of my stuff listed but I will get there.

So long story short is that I let life get in the way until I got a painful reality check but I correct that going forward!

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